Artists Collective is a California non-profit, offering safe, reliable medical marijuana delivery to patients throughout LA county. We carry a wonderful variety of medicine cared for by our members–a veritable farmer’s market of marijuana conveniently delivered to your door.

Our non-profit’s goal is using medical marijuana profits to fund a community arts organization. Americans spend more than $125 billion every year on cannabis. Californians spend an estimated $2 billion on medical marijuana each year and cannabis has now replaced wine as California’s leading cash crop. By utilizing medical marijuana proceeds to fund an arts organization, we’re demonstrating the monetary muscle of marijuana when directed toward socially benevolent purposes.

We awarded our first creative money in 2010. We’re presently planning our arts mission for 2013. At the moment a totally self-funding non-profit, we’re not yet in a budget position where we can do as much philanthropic work as we’d like. It takes years to build an organization from the ground up. So in the short term, our goal is to run art contests and exhibitions, music and film evenings, contests. In the long run, as our collective becomes more profitable, we envision an arts program offering classes, mentoring, contests, exhibitions, grants and more.

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